About Us

We are The Wildflower Project (TWP). We install wildflower gardens in urban environments and underutilized or vacant spaces.

Why, you may ask?

  • To revitalize and restore the health & wellness of pollinator habitats.
  • To bring vibrant,Β natural beauty to our urban communities.
  • To foster education and community development through volunteerism and partnerships.
  • To take spaces with no hope, and give them a purpose.

We’re a start-up, grassroots organization founded in the Saint Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul, Minn. in the summer of 2015. We care about the environment and our community. We see an opportunity to be a good neighbor – to all those who inhabit our ecosystem.

These gardens are vital to the rehabilitation of pollinator habitats. Insects such as bees and butterflies depend on this type of ecosystem for survival. By rebuilding these dilapidated ecosystems, we can foster the growth of these pollinators and learn to coexist.

The idea is simple. The impact could be substantial. And it only starts with a seed.

Simply put, we are planting with a purpose.